Add Shoutbox to Your Friendster Profile

You can add a shoutbox into your friendster like the one from cbox or shoutmix. It's easy, you can do it in 3 step.

Step 1

First you need to register to get an accounts from the shoutbox provider. For the sample you can try shoutmix. After you register, sign in to your account and yfollow the step to setting you shoutbox first. You can set it's background colour, width, height, and you can also set the smiley of your shoutbox.

Step 2
Get the shoutbox code. In quick Start menu, click "Use shoutbox" button, and then choose "place shoutbox on webpage". Here you can set the shoutbox size. After that, copy the shoutbox code.

Step 3
Before you paste the code into your Customize page, you need to convert the code using the converter here.
Paste the shoutbox code into the box, and click "convert". Copy the converted code, and then paste into your Media Box. It's done. Like I said, it's easy. Isn'n it?


Here you can get Friendster layout code, and also tips and trik about Friendster. Enjoy it.

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